Your Engaging Voice – Maximise your Impact as you Speak!

Date(s) - February 16, 2021
7:15 pm - 9:00 pm

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As a convenience to our members and guests, we are listing this event that is being hosted by our friends at Watford Speakers.

Watford Speakers Club are hosting a series of special events to help improve public speaking both onstage and online.

• Is it time to kick-start your public speaking skills?

• Do you wish your voice would respond more freely to your words?

• Could your message be more impactful by using your voice more effectively?

• Have you ever been told that your voice is monotonous or lacks vocal variety?

Increased vocal freedom and expression leads to greater audience engagement. Delivering speeches ‘in the moment’ is exhilarating when your voice responds freely to the intention of your thoughts and words. This is what is meant by the term ‘flow’ in a presentation. There is a Chinese proverb ‘The tongue can paint what the eyes can’t see.’ It is thus, vital that as a speaker you learn to optimise vocal presence.

Watford Speakers online workshop brings a practical approach to developing the quality and range of our voices with exercises and examples. This workshop is delivered by Andrew P Bennett DTM FTCL LTCL ANEA FRSA, an internationally experienced opera singer and public speaker. He is a qualified voice / public speaking coach for speakers and singers.

Andrew’s exceptional workshop encapsulates experience and knowledge of performing in open air theatres, seating thousands. Likewise, Andrew also has much experience in tiny venues where the audience appears to pretty much be sitting in your lap. Andrew knows how to adapt to all vocal circumstances including online!

Andrew will:

1) Teach how to find vocal variety (pitch, pacing, pause etc.)

2) Give tips to developing engaging vocal quality and expressiveness

3) Provide instant feedback to selected and volunteer participants

4) Provide practical exercises to take away and practice for development of vocal projection and engagement

Smile, Camera, Speak!

Sorry you missed it?

For the benefit of our members, we record many of our workshops and meetings. This allows them relive the moment or benefit from meetings they were unable to attend. If you're not yet a member, contact us to learn more.