The story behind Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters

Cornerstone was created in 2010 by Toastmasters from Bedford, Berkhamsted and other surrounding clubs.  We were looking for the opportunity to extend ourselves beyond the level we were getting in our local home clubs by having the opportunity to do longer, more advanced speeches than our home club agenda often allowed and getting the opportunity to discuss more complex speech and leadership projects with other experienced toastmasters.  We didn’t want to replicate or compete with our home clubs but to challenge ourselves in a novel and different way that would complement what we were doing in our home clubs.  Right from the start open evaluations and supportive constructive feedback in a friendly club environment were central to the ethos of the club.

So where does the name Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Club come from?

A cornerstone is the foundation block for constructing a piece of masonry, which reflected the vision of the club:  giving our members a foundation from which their communication and leadership skills would be able to grow and flourish.  This vision remains as true today as it was when the club started.