John W Kendall

John Kendall

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right

Henry Ford

What I like about Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters

The depth of TI knowledge & experience, the open evaluations, the chance to develop workshops, do larger projects and specially improv. Not to mention overlap with District 91.  Cornerstone is truly a place for aspiring DTMs & District leaders. We regularly held online meetings 3 years ago.   Now has a link to Rotary.

What I do for work

My wife would say Toastmasters, previously Operational Research, Executive information systems, Headology™, Financial advice. Manager, Project leader in Multinationals, Chair of Family aggregates business, MD of Mail order business, own computer consultancy.

My Toastmaster clubs and offices held

Cornerstone, N Herts, Bedford, Pegasus previously Stevenage, Cambridge, E Herts, Hertfordshire, DTM masters in D27
All club officer roles, Area Director, Division Director, Realignment Rep, Pathways Ambassador & guide, Club Sponsor.

Areas of expertise

Creativity, Headology™ – understanding people, leadership especially in Toastmasters, new clubs. Like leading into new areas e.g. on line, Pathways. Degree Chemistry Wadham Oxford & MBA Imperial London.

Interested in starting new clubs.

Cornerstone Challenges (learn more)

  1. Growing knowledge of Toastmasters
  2. NLP ideas