SNAP & Consensus

Have your say

Date(s) - August 16, 2021
7:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Join our Club Members for Mondays meeting it’s about Goals, Growth and Supporting.

We are running a consensus “Are Hybrids worth it?”  Have your say it is a dynamic and creative decision making process.  The future is in the hands of our members and we’d like you to join us as a guest to find out how this impacts you as a visitor.

The SNAP session is opportunity for us to share our own personal objectives and matching for partnership working together on projects and/or offering support.

Matching Goals, Skills, and Experience so that, as members, we can grow together.

We prepare to present, evaluate and polish our skills inspiring excellence in communiction and leadership.  Register for your place now.

Sorry you missed it?

For the benefit of our members, we record many of our workshops and meetings. This allows them relive the moment or benefit from meetings they were unable to attend. If you're not yet a member, contact us to learn more.